October 9

My Magazine Front Page Swede

Original Version of NME magazine cover

My version of the NME magazine cover

Please click on the image to see the clearer PDF

This week we have been using Abdobe InDesign and I now know the basic skills of how to use it. To put my skills to the test, I created a replica of an NME magazine front cover. From creating my front cover, I have been able to include different magazine conventions like the Masthead, Main Cover Star, and Main Cover Line, all piecing together to create a convincing replica.

What was successful in creating my cover?

  • I wasn’t able to find the same image but I was able to find a photo of Rihanna from the same photo shoot.
  • I was able to match the colours of the fonts.
  • I was able to use the correct proportions with the size of my fonts and images.

What could be improved?

  • My magazine would look better if the image of Rihanna didn’t come out so pixelated – as a smaller image it has good quality, but every time I tried to enlarge it, the image got blurry.
  • I struggled with the text “4 of 10 SPECIAL EDITION COVERS” because it was originally covered by Rihanna’s hair, so I had to move Rihanna down in order for the black font to be seen. This then meant that I had a white gap at the top of my magazine so I had to cut the top part of the magazine and add it to the top in order to cover up the white gap.
  • I struggled finding the correct fonts for each bit of text because some of them have Serif font and others have Sans-Serif font, making it difficult to find the correct fonts for each different text.

These youtube videos are great tutorials on how to use Abdobe InDesign. They all give detailed instructions and advice on how to use it and will help me in the future to create the best piece possible.

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