Social Media page Draft 1

We have created a Social Media page for our artist on Instagram. This piece of media has been used to communicate with her audience and allow updates to be made on her music releases and work. We have included lots of different marketing tools such as product endorsement, cross media convergence and live features to build her star image and engage with her audience. The posts have been carefully organised so that suspense and excitement is built up to the release of her album. This helps to build desire and we have added links to places where the music can be brought and downloaded so that a call to action is there and the audience knows what they can do next.

Below is the Instagram feed and one of the posts to show an example of one of the comments we have created.

Click on the image to take you to the social media page.

We are really happy with the Social Media page so far. It is very engaging and expresses her star image exactly the way we want; inspirational, resilient and caring.

Self assessment:

  • We need to link our music video (YouTube video) “Try” to the post to add even more call to action for our audience.
  • We are still unsure on the 3 by 3 post of the album
  • We have added lots of different marketing techniques to keep our fans engaged and excited of whats coming next.

We then got our teacher to give us some feedback. It is always really useful to have another set of ideas and eyes. Below is the screen castify of his feedback and a summary of the key points.

  • Likes the 3×3 photo of our album cover
  • Great posts with lots of marketing tools such as synergy
  • The star image is well presented and it follows a theme and style.
  • Could add the word “exclusive” to the first comment to emphasize that the audience doesn’t want to miss out
  • Add more links to the places where the music can be found
  • The same comment is on all 9 posts of the album cover so keep it on the final one but maybe put quotes or something intriguing on the other 8.

We are going to use our self assessment and the other feedback to make improvements to our social media page.

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