Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Favourite Video

This was my favourite music video from a previous student because I felt that it combined a number of strong story and narrative elements.

An element of this video that I really enjoyed was the Mise-en-Scene of the whole video. The shots are all very well composed, and the continuous cuts to the water are beautiful and, as well as giving the video a consistent feel, really help to tie the whole thing together.

Another thing that I really liked about this video was the editing techniques that the students used. An example of this is the quick cuts between the star jumping in the water and the close ups of him having water poured on him, which were effectively edited to the rhythm and tempo of the song, as well as providing a feeling of intensity to the moment.

On top of this, the narrative that the student chose was effective because it clearly portrayed the theme of the end of a relationship without relying too heavily on more blatant story telling and acting, which could have damaged the audience’s perception of the video, making it feel unrealistic and confusing.

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