“Production Meeting Agenda For 2nd Photo Shoot and Risk Assessment “

In preparation for my photo shoot next week for my music magazine, I have created a plan of where the location of the shoot is, when it is, who I am using as models, what they are going to wear and the props that I may use to portray a narrative in the photos. Below is this plan:

Please click on the document to open it.

From this shoot, I am hoping to get some quality shots to use inside my magazine that portray a narrative. I am planning on presenting what a pop star does behind closed doors. This will show my audience that although pop stars are extraordinarily talented, they also have their own private lives where they have other hobbies than music.

I have planned casual outfits for my models so that this narrative can be told. I may also use props such as a costa drink, mobile phone and a book to show that stars use everyday objects too. and to allow my audience to relate to what they are doing. I am going to find locations such as an interesting corner, a ledge or set of stairs where my model can be sat reading a book or just having some alone time.

Because the shoot is outside of school, below is a risk assessment that has been completed.


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