Design Skills 1

What new design skills or production techniques have you learnt? What went well and even better if. Include 2 – 3 screen shots of tools used in Indesign and Photoshop and explanation Identify what meaning(s) you tried to encode.

When creating my magazine, I have learnt many new design skills on both Photoshop and Indesign. I have learnt how to (and have used):

The quick selection tool to cut my model (or other individual parts) out of my photos. This has enabled me to place a different background behind my model or to edit certain parts to make them more interesting and eye catching.

I have learnt how to adjust coloring in my images using the curves and colour balance settings. For example, I used this in making the donut and jumper on the front cover brighter and more fun. This allowed the genre of pop to really be identified through my photos.

I have discovered and used the spot healing and sharpen tool in my images to make them even more clean and perfect. This helps with the star image look (of perfection) and  makes the image more clear and sharp.

I have learnt how to add effects on In design to make my images even more interesting. I have used the drop shadow to add a sense of dimension to my page. This hopefully interests my audience into feeling a connection to my magazine as it seems more real.

I have used the stroke and colour settings along with the other font settings to make my text even more unique and fun. I have used this in all of my headings and masthead to make them more aesthetic and in fitting with my genre. Making the text unique allows my audience to be interested as it is different to other magazines.

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