November 9

Montage Edit

I worked with Carlos to film and edit a montage of myself making an origami bird,

The first step was to create a storyboard of our ideas, we drew out or ideas to create a narrative and a list of shot we can follow while filming, we included camera angles and editing techniques to make the narrative make sense. The main thing that we had to think about was continuity editing and learning to edit well.

In terms of the success criteria, which was:

  • Holding a shot steady
  • Framing a shot
  • Shooting (variety of shot distances)

I would say that many of things we have done well and some that can be improved. In my opinion, I would say that all of the shots are held perfectly still, we used a tripod to make sure of this. In addition, we could have worked on the framing of shots as they weren’t as interesting to look at as perhaps I thought they could’ve been, I must use techniques such as the rule of thirds to help me improve my framing. Lastly, I would say that we used a variety of shot distances from long shot to close-up, however for next time I would say to use a variety of angles to help make the montage more visually pleasing.





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