Comparative Study Project

In year 13 you have to conduct an independent comparative study of two films.

The outcome for this unit will be a video essay in the style of Lessons from the Screenplay, in which you compare two films from different times and/or places. This video essay will be sent for external assessment and is worth 20%.

There must be an element of independent research in this project.

All sources cited must be referenced using the Harvard system of referencing.

The Film Focus

This is the academic approach or framework which you use to study the two films, you can choose from the following:

  1. Film Movements
  2. Film Genre & Film Style (Sci Fi, Westerns, Crime, Film Noir, Musicals…)
  3. Film Theory (Auteur, Feminism, Marxist, Formalist, Semiotics…)

During this 1/2 term we are going to do a dry run, which will serve two purposes:

  1. Prepare you for this year 13 unit
  2. Act as research into your first full production (a horror sequence)

The Project Details:

Film Focus: German Expressionism or Vampire Horror
Film 1) Nosferatu (1922) Mernau

Film 2) Let The Right One In (2008) Anderson

Areas of study:
  1. How and with what effect are specific film elements of German expressionism used within a contemporary horror film?
  2. From Nosferatu to Eli. How has the representation of the vampire changed to reflect contemporary values, attitudes and beliefs?

Please watch Let the Right One In and  Nosferatu (last half if you can’t cope with the whole thing).


If you would like to extend your understanding of German Expressionist film movement you should also watch:

The Cabinet of Dr Calagari (1920) Weine

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