So Hows it going ?

Through doing a media a level i have learnt a few transferable most notably my wiring skills have noticeably improved from the beginning of the term I am now miles better in regrades to technical aspects like grammar and spelling but im also generally better at creative writing. I have had to write articles, multiple blog posts and essays  witch in turn has helped me develop a skill, through learning how to properly structure a essay or article and learning the appropriate style or language for both.

My communication skills have improved, having to work with models and giving them clear and concise requests communication is key in order for everyone to understand, i also  have learnt a host of writing skills witch have greatly aided me such as grammar etc and are massively useful and should help in the future.

I feel my course would have been better if I stayed on top of my workload, I wasn’t organised and as a result had to play catch up for allot of the time and it put allot of stress on me if i was to do it again i would have stayed on top of it more and would have been a lot more relaxed.



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