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Distribution in the Music Industry – what is it?

We have created some ‘fun’ videos outlining how Distribution works in the Music Industry in current times.

They will hopefully highlight how much the industry relies on digital technology now and in particular how the Distribution stage – the getting the music to the audience – works.

Apologies in advance for Mrs C’s ‘stuffed seagulls’ (no animals were harmed in the process of making this film – promise!).

The Music Video – one of your pieces of coursework

A production of a Music Video will form a substantial part of your overall mark in A Level Media Studies. You will be asked to research the purpose and different types of ‘music video’ and then plan, produce, edit and market your own music video  by designing a CD cover and also a Social Media page for the track.

In order to get an idea of the standard that you will be expected to achieve and in many cases, surpass, why not visit our Media Studies youtube site.  On there are many, many examples of music videos that our students have produced over the years.

You will see that in recent years, the standard is getting stronger and stronger as students become more expert at using our software for editing but also more expert in using costumes and make up and directing their artists.

Please click on the image to be directed to the youtube site of guernseymedia



Converged Technology – the Music Industry

The Music Industry is a technology driven business. All kinds of digital technology is used in the process of production, distribution, marketing and exchange and exhibition of music.

But what exactly is Converged Technology?  Have a go at this ‘game’ based on the old TV programme The Generation Game (as your parents/guardians – they will remember the Conveyor Belt game).

It will hopefully help embed to you exactly what Converged Technology is and how common place it is in your lives. Until digital technology allowed the convergence of technology, the landscape of production, distribution, marketing and exchange of music was very, very different. You live your lives using Converged Technology, but it is important to recognise just what a big part it plays in your lives.


Exhibition/Exchange platforms used by the Music Industry

One of our modules we study will be on the Music Industry. We will be investigating and researching how the Music Industry works and how artists use technology to produce, distribute, market and also ‘exhibit’ their music.

But it is not just technology that artists use nowadays to get their music to their audiences. They still rely on various other ‘platforms’.

Have a look at this presentation and work out how and where music is played, listened to, watched and heard.

We think you will be amazed at how many different venues, medias, places, locations and platforms we all engage with.