Category: Planning

Digi Pak Risk Assessment

To be able to making filming a safe environment for ourselves we made ourselves aware of the risks around us when it came to shooting.

Click on the image below to view our risk assessment:

digi pak risk assessment

We listed the different risks that could have effect on us or could effect us and came up with a solution of how to avoid these before they happen. This made us as a group and our performers safe of shooting day.

Digi Pak Production Meeting Agenda

After planning our digi-pak mock up and knowing what images we wanted to shoot to put onto our digi-pak we created a production meeting agenda. This included a shot list of the types of shots were going to take and also what were going to take them of. We decided to take a range of different images so that we can try our best to avoid re-shooting at a later date.

We also included who needed transport and what equipment we were going to need for both the shots and camera equipment and who was going to bring what and when. This kept us organized as a group and this way we knew things would be ready for shooting day.

Click on the photo below to view the production meeting agenda:

digip ack pma thumbnail

Digi Pak Planning

After researching into our digi-pak and creating our moodboard of the types of images and designs and fonts that we might want to use and take photographs of ourselves we made our mock up and then did the shoot.

By doing this we had an idea of what photos we would have to take for our digital digi-pak. We used Photoshop to draw around the outline of the performer on the front cover, taking particular attention to the red balloon. We chose these images because nature and having the performer in the images is conventional to the Indie Folk Genre.

Here is our digital mock up digi-pak:

The front cover:

The back cover:

The left inside cover:

The right inside cover:

Having a digital mock-up gave us a clear picture of what our final digi-pak may look like after doing our shoot.

Digi Pak Mock Up

We created a mock up digi-pak which we hand drew including all the four sides of the album and what we pictured it to look like. Whilst doing this we considered the conventions of what an Indie Folk digi pak so that it would appeal to our fan base of this performer and then genre of music’s audience.

Here are the four sides of our Digi-Pak below:


We used the ‘red balloon’ idea for our mise-en-scene as conventionally the Indie Folk genre have a dull colour pallete. Therefore the red balloon on the front cover being held by the performer brings attention to both her and the balloon. We also included it on the inside cover a repeat of the performer holding it and on the left side, popped broken balloons that connote broken which also ties in with the genre of music.