October 15

My tour poster


When I create my Tour poster it will need to include certain conventions. For example:

  • the name of my artist
  • the name of the tour
  • the dates and venues
  • where the album can be bought
  • where the tickets can be bought
  • prices

This is essential since I want to make sure my audience know what is happening. However I also need to design a tour poster that stands out and grabs peoples attention. This is because I want to spark the audiences interest in the tour and get them to buy tickets.

My Tour Poster:

please click on the image to see a PDF

October 4

My Magazine Front Page Swede


This is my front page copied from a professional magazine:

Please click on the jpeg to see the pdf

This is the original magazine cover:

Magazines all have mastheads, cover lines, main cover star etc, so it was important that I tried my best to get everything in. InDesign helped me to achieve the different fonts I wanted to use and what I had to do.

My strengths i would say is:

  • I pay close attention to detail
  • I found the main cover star easily
  • I got the angels right

However i would say my weaknesses are:

  • that I need to make sure I put my writing the right side if the text box
  • I have to learn how to create a dash at the end of my bold lines
  • I have to be careful that I don’t select the wrong font

I developed a lot of skills from this task. These are:

  • basic Photoshop
  • InDesign
  • found images
  • I took feedback

My targets are:

  • get the spacing better from the outside of the magazine
  • get a better font
  • get an image that is less blurry

To help me with these targets I have found 3 youtube tutorials to help me

September 25

The Camera Talks


In my moodboard I #ed the technical term of the camera angle, I got the denotation which is what we are seeing and I put the connotation which is what we interpret it to be.

I believe that I achieved my aims. I got lots of different angles of people in different settings and created many different stories. I had so much fun trying to work out what different angles to get and what I wanted my models to do. I think I have a better understanding of how to represent a story or an idea through camera angles.

This will help with my music magazine since I need to get the audience hooked on the cover. The cover of my magazine image needs to tell an idea or give a narrative to the audience. This way the audience will understand what the story behind my magazine is and they can interpret my magazine better.

My favourite is the close up of the the girl where she looks distracted. I find this very intoxicating because the audience wants to know what she is looking at. although the girl is very close she is looking aways which makes her seem distant.


September 25

Technical Camera Terms]

Contact Sheet:

This is a contact sheet containing the pictures I have taken. The pictures I have taken include many different angles and poses. Each one of them tell a story and communicate well with the audience in some way or another. The camera is a vital part of telling the story. For example if someone wanted to capture an intimate moment they would zoom in with the camera. You can create many different effects on the audience with the way you take the pictures so it is vital to make sure you get lots of different ones to see what works. The framing is important because you can represent a certain object or model you feel is the most special thing in the picture. I tried to get many different distances in my pictures since I wanted to show that I could come up close and display emotion but also bring it back and give the picture a narrative. The composition of my pictures were not all the same. I wanted variety in emotions and feelings and I felt like the pictures should tell the audience a story when they are seen.

September 18

My image that uses mise-en-scene to communicate meaning

This week was all about communicating Mise-en-scene we were put into groups and given a genre of music to interpret. My group got the genre rap. The moodboard down below shows everything we would associate with rap and all the connotations of rap stars. We included the most important conventions for the genre. Conventions is a word to describe those expectations, commonalities of the genre.


Next we had to dress up one member of the group in the style of that genre. We did a photo shoot with the person and do some stereotypical poses of that music genre. We wanted to give off a rebellious feel and make the audience viewing the photos intimidated. After that the rest of the class had to give connotations on each of the different styles and put them on the person dressed up in the music genre. We took photos of that as well.

Look at the photos we took!



This will help with my music magazine because it has helped me to understand the different styles and poses I could interpret. I got to see how I make something my own and make it original. You can use Mine-en-scene to convey meaning in lots of different ways. For example:

  • a story
  • an image
  • an idea  

This will have a big impact on my own planning and research because I know that I have to connect with my audience on a personal level and get them to feel different emotions by just looking at the cover of my magazine. I realize that I will not only have to use the music genre to make the magazine but that the magazine has to embody all of that specific music genre. Everything in my magazine has to correlate with each other and nothing can be put there for no reason. The audience said I looked intimidating and wealthy which is exactly the kind of look I wanted to pull off since most rappers today look that way. The audience responded very positively to the rap star we made. They were intimidated by it and thought that the rapper looked wealthy which was the response we were looking for.


Made with Padlet
September 17

Print Media that Communicates Meaning

Here I have shown how I have become a media detective. I looked at Mis-en-scene. Mis-en-scene means everything in the scene.  Most covers tell a narrative. The narrative is represented by using:

  • colours
  • props
  • body language
  • lighting
  • settings

I have analysed and deconstructed Dua Lipa’s tour cover. Everything in media costs money so everything on the tour poster has to be essential and has to be there for a reason. I did this exercise so I could learn that I don’t need to include irrelevant images or colours to my magazine. I need to make sure everything on my magazine is absolutely necessary.