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Language Analysis

Part of the task is to not only take the photos and do the design of the magazine; but I am also required to write a double page article, in addition to that I will be assessed on that writing.

Therefore, I need to analyse an article from a professional music magazine and consider how it is written. I should be considering the target audience and evaluate how the written word (copy) fulfils their needs, uses and pleasure of this particular media text.

Previously we agreed that their needs, uses and pleasures included:

  • Up to date information (gigs, trends, available media…)
  • Fashion ideas / new looks
  • Gaining an insight into stars’ lives and personalities
  • A reflection of their own values, attitudes and beliefs


We were asked to analysis one of the following articles:

  • Biography
  • Intro to a long read
  • 10 Tips for Life
  • Q&A
  • New Band
  • Album Reviews
  • Interview

I have choose to look closer into an article based off of an interview.



‘Billboard (June 20, 2015), Adam Lambert: Don’t Look Back, Shirley Halperin’

The Article:

The article I have selected to look at, is by Billboard magazine published on the 20th of June 2015 and is about Adam Lambert. Lambert talks about his experiences and his struggles in the music industry. The musician in the magazine is typically styled for the genre of the following:

  • Pop Music
  • Dance Music
  • Pop Rock
  • Electronic Music


The article is presented as an Interview and displayed through columns. I like how the writer has chosen to do an interview for Lambert as it feels more personal then a Q&A. This allows the audience to get an closer insight to the background of the musician.

Presence of Journalist:

There is a clear tone that there is a journalists presence instantly due to the tense being written in 3rd person. ‘After six years in the spotlight, Lambert, 33, is still trying to find himself and his comfort zone in the music industry.’ This conveys the idea that the journalist is behind the scenes as the narrator. 

The article states the journalists name at the start (Shirley Halperin). However we do not hear the journalists name again, this has been done to ensure we have a level of professionalism and will stay formal as there is not any personal or opinionated language from the journalist. 

Language and Aim:

The article is presented from two perspectives. The journalists and Lambert are the perspective. When Lambert is speaking the journalists has indicated this by using quotation marks. “The album is really honest, It’s about where I’m at in my life right now.” The quote conveys that Lambert is opening up in terms of his new album and is okay with sharing personal information. This conventional language means that the majority of readers will most likely have a preferred style of reading to the article.  Another quote that Lambert has said is “I don’t know what I want in relationship, which is probably the reason I’m pouring my energy into my work. I’m dating my album right now.” This quote is talking about how Lambert struggles with his love life and is confused as to what he wants in terms of his relationship status. Due to the fact that Lambert struggles with his relationship status, he has chosen to focus predominately on his music as that is his main passion.

Representation of the Performer:

The article is represented as realistic and down to earth with it’s casual style of interviewing. This indicates that the target audience are able to relate to the musician showcasing their personal identity. Lambert is represented as powerful in his own work. “So I sat with the idea and started researching the time period, but it just wasn’t resonating with me. It felt forced.” This shows that he is not going to stay with an idea if it doesn’t suit his style and personality. In addition to that it appears that isn’t afraid to speak out about when something isn’t right.


Click here or the image above to preview the article


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