Digipak Photo Mock-Up


Please click on the image to view the full digipak mock up.

img_1465 img_1466 img_1467

Here, we had to create a digital version of what we hope our digipak will eventually look like. We took images from online to make a rough drafted idea of our future digipak. On our front cover, you can see we pictured a scenic forest background with a sketched outline of a male figure in the centre, we then have our artists name and album cover here too. Again, the back of our album is also fairly similar, with a forest background and the same font used for the song names. However, we have also included some of the conventional features, such as; the barcode and album copyrights. As you can see, we have a running theme of an almost sketched authentic look, we included this on our inside panels too. We hope to shoot a portraiture image of our artist then sketch his outline over the top.Furthermore, for the right hand side we will have the sound wave of our song. Moreover, we have kept our spine simple to compete the digipak’s overall style, it simply inflates the artist name and album title.

This task enabled us to see what would work well in our digipak and what we perhaps need to make slight alterations to. We decided that the running ‘sketched’ theme worked very well with our album and artist star image, due to the fact it simply completed the authentic simplistic image that we were aiming for. However, after completing this task we are now not too sure about the colour of our artists name on our album cover, we feel it looks a little random and therefore we plan to change this in the production stage.

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