July 6

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)



This shoot went really well and was very successful, we shot many types of shots and angles to display the emotions and feelings of the narrative. By using many different sets of stairs it created a sense of a never ending journey that all humans go through in life, the different venues each portrayed a contrasting feeling in the story.

From the three hours of shooting on different staircases we successfully achieved multiple different shots and angles from the vast amount of shooting we did, we ended up having around 150 videos that we can then edit and design into an effective story for a teenage demographic.


From doing this first shoot we have discovered that having smoother shots will contrast nicely to the intense fast pace movement shots from the handheld camera, more framing shots would be nice to help create the sense of entrapment and loss of freedom. When we do a second stair shot we will think about shooting these types of shots to really express the feelings of fear and the symbolism of a race in life, that all teenagers experience.

  • smoother shots
  • framing shots
  • more intimate shots

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