Star Image Planning

Me and Zoe looked into Colbie Caillat and how she represents herself to her audience. Below is a moldboard that includes her album covers, social media posts and other photos and articles which relate to her.

From creating this mood board, we were able to discover that:

  • Her meta-narrative is that she represents herself as being very natural and down to earth individual. This is reflected in her music and links in with the genre of our music video.
  • She is family and friend orientated which shows herself as being a very thoughtful, loving and caring individual.
  • Although she has become successful through her music and is extraordinarily talented, her star image enables us to see that she is still just an ordinary person. This shows her as being a bit different in the way she presents herself compared to other famous artists.
  • She has grown in confidence (which is especially expressed in her beach Instagram photos)
  • Her confidence and music is shown to have changed positively.
  • She has a relaxed and loving personality. This is shown in her clothing, hair and makeup choices.
  • She is shown to not ‘hide’ herself or dress to impress which is very inspirational for her audience. She is pleased in her own body which is different to how other stars usually act.

From reviewing her Colbie’s star image, we are able to see that she likes to present herself as being who she really is rather than changing to please people. She is very ‘down to earth’ and is an extremely caring and family orientated individual. Using this information about her image, we will need to make sure that in our music video we follow this idea to show continuity in the way she presents herself. This will enable fans to stay interested by her music and keep Colbie’s image in a positive light to enable. For example, we will have to think carefully about the way in which we dress and construct our models in the music video as this will have a huge impact in the way that the audience deconstruct the media. To accomplish this, we will probably dress our models in nude and natural colours and costumes that are not over the top. For example possibly a plain top. As well as showing the stripped back personality of the stars, it also enables all of the attention from the audience to be focused on the message we are trying to promote; that true identity is most important.

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