Design Skills 1

We are using Premier Pro to edit our music video on. Premier Pro has been very useful in adding small details and helping to portray our narrative and theme of our music video. Below are some examples of the editing techniques and tools which we used.

Basic Correction:

This was used quite a lot when editing our music video. For example, on the outside shots, we increased the exposure to make the lighting and colors brighter. This helps to portray the feeling and message of freedom and happiness. We also used the same type of editing on the inside shots. We decreased the exposure (increasing the blacks) and increased contrast to reinforce the feeling of entrapment and the idea of unhappiness.


We found that this was very useful when editing our music video as it enabled us to add interesting transitions that allowed one clip to cut and run smoothly into the next. The “dip to white” transition was especially useful in conveying the idea that a camera was flashing and taking a photo; representing the paparazzi’s photographing our music star.


The filters were also very useful in portraying our overarching theme. At the beginning, a brighter filter was used (in the outside location) to show how our star is free and happy however this contrasts to the end when we use a black and white filter. This was chosen to show the unhappiness felt by our star when they are all full of make up and restricted from showing their true self.

Effect Controls:

We used the effect controls to mainly scale, position and rotate our shots. For example, we zoomed in on some of our shots to emphasize what we were showing. For example at the end, we have zoomed in on her eye which is dulled up with glitter and make up. This emphasizes how our artist has changed the way she looks to impress her audience. During the paparazzi sections, we used the rotational tool to position the pieces of film at different angles, emphasizing how stars are always trapped by paparazzi and that the have no space or time to themselves.

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