Favourite Music Video from Former Student

I have picked my favourite music video from a former student. I have inserted it below:

Personally, I feel this video really demonstrates to a beginner what a good music video looks like.The narrative to performance ration is around 50:50, both are equally applied. Not everything is perfect like a professional one would be but it really highlights what needs to be included to get a good grade. The lip-syncing is consistent throughout, the person who is lip syncing the lyrics, knows exactly what they are doing. It is clear that they have studied the words in advanced to make sure they get it right. As a consequence, if none of this was applied and the lip syncing was off it would make the music video look unprofessional. From the very beginning the narrative is told/shown so the audience quickly have an idea on what it is about. The editing of the clips throughout the video is consistent as I feel most of the transitions were relevant, fitting the genre/style.

However, in this music video there is a particular scene which I do not like and feel as if it ruins the music video. The couple begins to argue, they are miming words to each other which are not the lyrics or real words, they are just simply moving their mouth. I think it is important to just stick to lip syncing the lyrics of the song as that is all you need to portray.

The generic mise-en-scene was a convention which impressed me as I feel everything applied well. They chose good scenery and a variety of locations to shoot their music video, all of which matched the genre. Along with appropriate makeup/hair/costuming to add to the narrative. They used props in a subtle way which did not overtake or distract the audience from the artist, only vital props were included.

As a result, I have gained basic information of what is good and what is bad, which will really aid me in making the perfect music video myself.

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