Final Advice for PM + Stranger Things

If you watch this, then there might be something in this article that you might want to include in a postmodern essay.  Remember, it is classed as TV so you would have to other media in the essay to talk about too.  Article attached.

Also, remember The Simpsons may be a little overused and dated, if you can, try and find a more relevant example of challenging grand narratives/absolute truths etc. to illustrate Lyotard’s ideas.

Quotes, buzz phrases are always good so listen to the videos we have uploaded, borrow some ideas from Brand, Curtis, Brooker etc.

Finally, always bring in the higher order ideas about postmodernism into whatever question you do and in particular the ‘General, what is PM question’. So try and weave in how it blurs reality and representation, how it challenges the conventional text and audience relationship and how it distorts time and space and is considered controversial.



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