June 25

Star Image – The Performer

Here is the moodboard of my stars image:

These are some of her album covers:

 These portray Dodie as soft and kind. The sun flowers are a symbolism of adoration, loyalty and longevity. They show happiness which is inviting to Dodie’s target audience. The low fi images of her show that she is not threatening and is peaceful in herself.

I will use this research to make my performer into the type of person Dodie is. I will try to give my performer the same star image so she is perceived kind and someone the audience would look up to. This will impact my own production since I want to take characteristics from Dodie and use them in my own performance.

They also construct a set of desires in the target audience to be like them, think like them, love what they love, be involved in their lives and buy what they suggest.

There are huge synergies between marketing and star image! We don’t just buy a product we also buy into the values of the star image and in purchasing their product emulate them. Media representations of the star image is crucial in terms of raising an audience awareness.

They are essentially walking talking brands, who use their branding to advertise, publicise and sell to fans. Stars have to remain constantly interesting to keep the fans intrigued – the star image evolves and is constantly reinvented by media companies!

As a result of the research I have done my star will act in a way that her target audience will find intriguing. For example, she will be kind, weird (in a quirky good way) and happy. In real life I would want her that way so that in the music video we can see her feelings that she has put across. She will be unhappy in the beginning which will shock her fans but when she becomes happy at the end because she is being herself the fans will see her true self and who she is happy to be.

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