July 6

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

Here are some of the photos of me filming and editing the performance:


The shoot went well in my opinion, we worked fast and crafty trying out different angles and ideas any time we could. We aimed to film the first section up to where the music changes, which creates the change in our narrative. We hoped to be able to portray this with our performance too by using a symbolic element of having an umbrella with rain over our star and then removing the umbrella, suggesting it was brighter and sunnier. However, on the day of our first shoot, it was quite foggy and it started to rain. This impacted on how much we could do outside in our desired location. Despite this we managed to get a range of shots outside as well as inside by the fireplace. These included: close ups, mid shots, dolly shots and long shots. Overall the shoot was successful and I think that our Mise En Scene and camera techniques were all effective and worked well, however when editing we realised that we need to do another shoot to get a wider variety of shots such as high angles, low angles, canted angles and steadier dolly shots, so we organised another shoot.

What went well:

  • Our Mise-en-scene was effective to show that our star was neutral in comparison to our narrative, as well as creating a sense of being ordinary and reachable for our audience as the clothes were quite ordinary
  • Our decision for our star to be barefoot was effective as it showed that she was down to earth and humble
  • We got a variety of shots and used good techniques
  • All of our shots were in focus

Even better if:

  • We got more original shots to portray the individuality of the song
  • We held the camera more steady since the first dolly we took was all over the place
  • We need to start editing to the beat of our music to create a more professional look
  • We need to make sure that our star knows the lyrics so we can re-record the lines she didn’t know


  • Get some more shots that vary the angles of the shots
  • Get some more steady dolly shots – the ones we got were jolty
  • Edit to the beat in our editing
  • Use different paces of edit in our editing
  • Ensure our star knows the lyrics so that our lip syncing can be more successful

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