March 2

Prelim Task Mood Montage

In a group of 3 we got given a preliminary task to create a story board of a montage lasting no more than 40 – 60 seconds. My group hope to convey the idea of being happy and having fun. As our mini scenario’s that we have created are all things in which they can bring a person joy and happiness, which is the best thing.

We choose:

  • The best things in life are free
  • Happiness/fun

Here is the final montage that my group and I have created:


Here is our final montage that my group have created, the song we chose to we have added transitions, filters and music after we had edited our sequence together using Adobe Premier Pro. Overall I think the montage has had an impact on the audience as it has brought a smile onto people’s faces and made them laugh, which is what my group hoped to originally convey. When looking at the montage I believe that the story could of been developed more if we had consistently used the same 2-3 people throughout the montage as some of the clips don’t make sense all of the time.

One clip that sounds out to me the most is the last clip featured, which starts at 36 seconds, and the clip is of two boys saying goodbye to each other, but the clip has the boys clapping at the end, the audio says ‘clap along’. I like how this has been accidentally done however I am happy with the way the final draft turned out.

I have learnt how to successfully use and understand the basic of Adobe Premier Pro. Not only have I learnt how to use Premier Pro, I have learnt how to edit, upload audio onto a video and how to compose a video. In addition to that I learnt how to export and upload a video onto youtube. I think our montage captures the essence of ‘The best things in life are free’, because of the clips we have used, they are able to tell the story that we are trying to get across.

Our montage is trying to get the point across that things so simple such as manners cost nothing. It doesn’t take a lot to smile at someone to hold the door open for them. There are no shots that are repeated. The montage was meant to highlight a variety of different things someone can do to make another person smile, therefore it would take away the variation if we had repeated clips.

To make our montage more effective, I would add in some transitions so it is easy for the audience to the see the clips flow a little smoother. In addition to that I would add a title page saying ‘The best things in life are free: By Lauren, Harry and Bea’ This would of allowed the audience to understand the scenario that my group selected before watching the montage.

Focus forward has helped in basic editing and how to add in clips and edit cuts together to create the montage, this will benefit me for future such as my music video as I will need to be able to successfully add and cut the clips together.

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