November 8

Star Image – theirs and mine

Below is a Prezi presentation of the Korean boy band BTS, it covers how they are portrayed across media and in their music videos to give the audience set views on the band helping them gain positive popularity as they appear professional and friendly. The bands connections across the world and difference as they come from Korea has helped them gain even more popularity globally as many people of the new generations know who they are and what they do. Their record label has control over their media accounts therefore allowing them to promote their songs and products to a wide audience gaining more money and popularity as they only promote the band showing how successful this K-pop is in the world.

The paradox of the star which is a theory proposed by Richard Dyer tells us about the character of a celebrity and what they signify to an audience, how they are displayed in the media gives the audience an opinion of that celebrity through written articles and photos of the stars, this means they can produce a meta narrative of the stars giving them a story and a background. Celebrities and stars are deliberately constructed by media to represent a certain light, they are either extraordinary or ordinary and can be absent or present.

I will create a slide displaying what I would like my cover star to be involved with, what they will wear and what kind of theme I want to present with them, everything in the cover will tell the audience a story so it is vital to have everything on point to give the correct narrative.


Please click on image to see Prezi presentation



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