Social Media page Draft 1

Below is my first draft of my Instagram page of my artist, I made a slideshow filled with screenshots of the posts as I have made draft two




Things to Change :

  • What the posts mean
  • Tour Dates
  • Create a more related theme so the posts look similar
  • Add more overall content to the page


  • Content – there is a teaser gif for the music video, images of our star and the music video itself
  • Timeline – we have created excitement leading up to the release of our album by using captions such as ‘coming soon…’. The release of the album is also one of the last things we posted – we built up to this with a gif, the release of the single and music video, and then the album
  • Promotion of Live Events – we announced his tour in the UK for 2021 which fans could buy tickets
  • A Call To Action – there is a website (linked in the bio), where you can find updates about the artist, as well as tour dates and merchandise
  • Interaction/Engagement – all comments for the posts are turned on creating opportunities to comment and engage with the star
  • Sell Physical Copies – there is no reference to buying Physical copies throughout the social media page, although this could be beneficial to include because artists make more money from physical purchases than from streams.


Timeline and Marketing ideas


Above is my mock Marketing Campaign timeline for my star. This will be used as a basis in order to create my social media page. I have included a range of posts, both commercial and personal, this creates a combination of both ordinary and extraordinary, referencing Richards Dyers Paradox of the star. The social media page also acts as a way for the star to interact and keep in touch with his fans.

Social Media Page Terminology

In order to prepare me for when I make my own social media page, I have analysed an artist on a social media platform. In doing this I found several technical terms and conventions for a social media page. This should help me later when I have to use these conventions to make my own. Artists use marketing campaigns in order to promote awareness, each page has a specific branding in order to appeal to their target audience