Music Video Draft 4


+Attempted to fix colour selection

+Colour grading

+Added rocket ship

While I would like to add more to the music video, I am afraid I cannot add it due to a combination of time and creative ability.

Things I could Improve :

  • Speed up animations
  • Remove flashing between stop-motion frames

Music Video Draft 3


Due to the Music Video Becoming a solo project, I had to adapt to my plans, making my later PMA’s not accurate

+Added the ‘tape player’ introduction

+Added the ‘Feel like me’ etc Book shots

+Added color selection to the coat Scenes

+Added stop motion book scene

-Removed original classroom shoot clips


Here is some feedback from my peers on the video:

Improvements to make:

  • Correct Lip syncing
  • Fix colour selecting
  • Add something more eye-catching to the whole music video
  • possibly add more saturation and brightness to the stop motion sequence

Shoot 2 Reflection

We were not able to do the stop motion scenes due to a scheduling error, so instead we filmed some more performance shots, in these shots I used a  Gimbal which makes creating a  sense of movement easier. This is because it is able to keep the camera stable and make movements smooth. We did a total of 3 different shots, including A spinning chair shot, a walking shot and a shot where our star is stationary. My next target is to try and get the narrative done as soon as possible.


Specsavers Feedback

We had Staff from Specsavers view our work. After explaining the concept of my stop motion, I was given the following advice :

  • Look at lighting diagrams for my stop motion, using small lamps etc to create a more dramatic effect / to make it more appealing to look to it
  • Use different angels in the stop motion, as most stop motion uses a steady and similar angle, using multiple angles would make it therefore different from the norm.

Here are some videos I found to help me with this:


Teacher Feedback – screen castify




  • On the first shot, use a closeup of the star, to create a direct connection to the star and to make it feel like it is the stars song
  • Scale and crop the landscape close-up to create variation and to not make the shots overall the same
  • More closeup of him playing, fingers on frets to create a connection to the star
  • Use an effect on the ‘blue jacket’ shots, E.G. Color leave, to create cohesion between the shots and
  • Edit to beat more so shots are too long, to create more rhythmic energy

Music Video Draft 2

This is my second draft of my Music Video, In this draft I added content from 2 shoots, Both Performance. More importantly I still need to shoot and add the narrative. This draft is a definite improvement over the first one, featuring a new range of shots including movement ones. I also sued editing to make what were boring shots, and instead make them more interesting. My most important priority is getting my narrative filmed, as without it my music video is filled with black screens randomly.




Narrative Development

It is important not to have full narratives in a music video as it creates enigma in the music video. This is so the audience will want to re-watch the music video, giving the company more money as a person re-watches it. Other music videos. Can also be extremely experimental or have amazing special effects (e.g. Peter Gabriels Sledgehammer) to keep making the viewer want to rewatch it.