Favourite Video From A Former Student

I enjoy this student music video due to its overall Mise-en-scene, throughout the video, a clear story is painted of an executioner having second thoughts about his job. One thing that clearly stands out is the costume design, the military items really add a new layer to the scene. The camera is also used throughout the video to great use, my favorite shot is the low angle used when he the executioner is running away, along with the closeup of him looking down the gun. The black and white filter used to show the past also creates a difference between what previously has happened and what is in the present.


Detailed Music Video Analysis

In this task we analysed two more music videos but to much more detail, the first song is Katy Perry – Chained to the rhythm while the second song I chose was Blur – The Universal.


Analyzing these videos has let me find the underlying themes that can be found in some videos. This will be useful when I am creating my own music video as I will be able to add very subtle themes to my videos in the future.

Music Video Form & Conventions

In this task we watched 4 videos. We then briefly analysed the visuals for the music seen above. These videos could tell a story or could just be the artist performing, we found that there are 3 types of narrative in a music video. Illustration is when the video directly coincidences with the lyrics and it shows what they say. Amplification is when the lyrics are extended upon in the music video, to add a new layer of meaning to the narrative. Finally, Disjuncture is when a song has no correlation to the lyrics, and could be displaying a completely different idea to what the lyrics are portraying. Some music videos can have just purely performance with no narrative. Mise-en-scene is also use heavily to add to the narrative. The primary motive behind music videos are to promote the artist / band, the videos i watched did this by primarily featuring the artist performing and or featuring. All of this will help me in the future when I am creating my own music video as these videos help me gain a grasp of the different types of videos.