Pitch + Feedback

Positives and Feedback

+ Interesting Concept

+ MES will be a large factor

+ Good use of sets

+ Narrative and Performance are combined

+ Will have good editing

+ Well known band but a lesser known song


– Maybe another actor or two needed to add to narrative

-Need more detail on what props will be used

-MES needs to be worked on

-Finalize choice of set

-Will need close ups on the toys, to keep interest

-Decide on costume design




So… How is it going?

Throughout making my magazine and keeping this blog updated, I have learnt many transferrable skills :

  • Organisation – the use of the blog league has made my work much more easier to track
  • Design skills – Over the course, I have developed design skills with software such as Photoshop and InDesign, I will be able to use this skills in any creative industry that I go into, due to many businesses using them.
  • Communication – I have been able to imply meanings within the text I have added to my magazine, this can be especially seen in my article


Overall I am happy with the following:

  • The overall layout of my magazine
  • The colour schemes found in my magazine, especially in the contents page

Design Skills 2

throughout making my magazine pages, I have become more confident in both Photoshop and InDesign.

One of the most useful tools that I have learnt to use is the InDesign colour hex editor, this features allows me to find any colour I want, find its hex colour and I then can use it in my own work, this has been especially useful when creating my content page, as it had extremely vivid colours, and all the colours needed to be consistent, the colour palette also helped me with this, as I was able too store colours that I had already used. Both of these tools, would make my magazine look both more contemporary and fit more to the indie subgenre, due to the modern design and aesthetically pleasing colours.

In photoshop I have particularly found the curve tool useful, it allows the user to change the tonal level of the image, this means that you can change the shadows and the highlights of the photo to make the photo look more appealing overall. You can add different points to the tone line, this either makes the shadows or the highlights, more or less prominent in the photo, this is particularly useful in changing the mood in the photo. For example you can make the shadows more prominent to make an image appear more dramatic.





Below are the adverts that I am going to use for my magazine on the two blank pages. I have chosen the blur poster as it fits my music genre well, being indie pop, Blur is a staple britpop indie band, it also fits very well to the design of my contents page, both sporting a minimalist style with bright colors. The Dr. Martens on the other hand are a very recognizable brand, especially in the indie fashion scene, being seen as very rebellious and anti-mainstream. This magazines also fit well with my ‘dating’ demographic that I made, as the profile would find both of the adverts appealing to them. I even stated in my dating profile that he mostly wore Dr. Martens boots.


Complete Magazine Draft

This is my final draft to my magazine.


Please click to see the PDF version

Below is the teacher screencastify response to my first final draft.


Front Cover

  • Align ‘Tour Review’
  • Add more detail about ‘bluebell’?
  • Add Graphic illustration

Contents Page

  • Match Font Size
  • Grammar Changes
  • Add two more content page ‘nodes’
  • Add more detail about ‘skat’


  • Change layout
  • Add more colour
  • Make Image of fran bigger

My Success Criteria for my next draft is as follows

  • Make general SPAG corrections
  • Format Certain text so they are a consistent size and align in certain areas
  • Add detail to both my front cover and my contents page
  • Add more color and correct the layout of the DPS.