Test Shoots/Proof of Concept

Many of you will remember that Jack and Elliot showed how they had made sure they ‘tested’ their ideas before filming.  They spent time and effort ensuring the lighting and location was exactly what they wanted to prove that their ideas, concept was achievable.

Some of you have fairly challenging ideas in terms of lighting, location and camera work and FX so we are asking you to do some test shots over the coming week and weekend.  This means finding the ideal locations and setting up with any required lighting and trying out the shot to see if the vision works.

You will need to complete a risk assessment before you do this so make sure this assessment has been discussed and agreed with your teacher & parents.




You do not need to involve your cast/performers/actors at this stage as you can use each other as models.  Also remember that anyone under 18 who appears in your video must get their own parents/guardians to sign the parental consent form.

Here are some very basic Concept videos that Mrs C tried out this summer to prove that she could use the camera for movement in a specific way and also that there were the relevant filters, FX she wanted to use and use of the Prem Pro presets for an imaginary ‘flower music video’ (!).  There are also some random photos taken this weekend on a walk around the lanes near her house. The kind of exercise you should be doing this weekend to show where and how you will be shooting your video.



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