November 8

Star Image- Theirs and Mine

Star Image

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Above is a presentation about a chosen music artist who represents my genre to some extent because of the fact that he makes his own music and his work stems from jazz which is similar to 1950’s rock and roll. I had to choose an artist who doesn’t have a big social media presence because of the fact that social media is irrelevant to 1950’s music, so I thought that Kota the Friend would be good to research as he is not too popular.

Richard Dyer is a media theorist who looks at the paradox of the star, which is;

  • Extraordinary – the amazing talent the star has
  • Ordinary – How we as an audience would relate to them by common jobs such as driving and shopping.

For example Kota is an example of an artist with a dominant ordinary persona.

We also look at the meta-narrative which should be complimentary and communicate the same star image or brand ideas through:

  • Music covers
  • Album covers
  • Concerts
  • social media
  • Words and images in magazines

Below is a google slide of some ideas I have put together on how to present my model. I will have one female model who will have playful expressions in the images I take paired with a relaxed stance in order to correctly portray my genres meta-narrative of being fun and yet easy-going. I researched the conventions of 1950’s Rock and Roll in order to get a better idea of how to display mise-en-scene in the images.

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