Representing Ofelia

Most films follow one character (the central protagonist). Typically this central character has to undergo trials and overcome problems as the story progresses. Often these events and conflicts change the character and they learn something essential about themselves or a great truth about the world.

Today we are going to look at the character development of Ofelia. You should consider how her story reflects the themes of the film. To help you consider what those themes might be watch this video essay from Nerdwriter: 

You will be allocated one short scene from the film and you should complete an analysis of how she is represented. Please look particularly at the mise-en-scene and comment on how C.L.A.M.P.S communicates messages and ideas about the character and her experiences.

Here is a link to the whole film

Here is a document to help you complete the analysis.

You will be leading a discussion with the rest of the class on the section that you have been given in the next lesson.


  1. Complete a slide show of 6 slides, which cover the 6 areas of mise-en-scene (CLAMPS)
  2. Use the video to take screen-grabs of interesting elements of mise-en-scene and copy those into the slide.
  3. You can then record a voice over using Screencastify to analyse features of the text.

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