Short Film Drafts and Deadlines

The final deadline for your collaborative project:
  • Final edit of short film: Friday 29th March at 17.00
  • Final draft of production report: Friday 5th April

Please note that we are obliged to mark this work and upload to IB by April 10th April. This means there are no extensions under any circumstances!

Edit Draft deadlines:

There will be a deadline every Friday for the edit to take shape.

Friday 15th March. 

This draft should include:

  • Pick up and re-shoot footage
  • Transitions
  • Foley sounds and effects

Friday 22nd March

This draft should include:

  • Music
  • Asynchronous dialogue
  • Colour correction / adjustment layers

You will receive teacher feedback on this edit

Friday 29th March

The final draft should be exported

Please remember you have a 500mb limit for this file.

Production Report Deadline

Friday 22nd March

Draft 4 of the production report on Post Production