March 13

Favourite Music Video from Former Student

Music Video 

Positive Points

  • Good lip-syncing
  • Powerful editing to the beat in the chorus
  • Smooth transitions
  • Nice, the accurate composition of the shots
  • Gives a strong vibe
  • Very classic frames and shots
  • 50% performance and narrative
  • A love story between a couple is displayed
  • Stages of a relationship
  • The star values love and relationships
  • The star has a chill, calm attitude
  • She is cool
  • Star is portrayed as rich and stylish
  • She is relatable to teenage girls
  • Going through a life situation
  • Playing with hair shows she is like any other girl
  • She is portrayed here as a relatable ordinary star



Why I like it

I really like this music video from 2019 as the narrative is easy to understand and the actors were well selected, the idea of the relationship is natural as the two actors were in a relationship at the time allowing the video to be very effective. The filters used on this music video add to the themes of love affection and romance, the vintage filter used in many scenes emphasize the dreamlike quality of the story and narrative. The range of different shots in the video gives better depth to the whole video, the scenes of both inside the house and outside give contrasting vibes and feelings.


Whilst the inside of the house shows the star as very girly and posh the outside scenes with the boyfriend display her as caring and affectionate, the edition of the dog within the video can easily emit an emotion from the viewers as the dog is immediately cute. The lip-syncing in the video is good as the actor actually knew her words which makes a big difference to the quality of the video as a whole, the shot of giving the rose is very powerful as it is a clear sign of love and the powerful connection between them. The closeup shots of the star and her boyfriend give an intimate feeling and the audience really gets to see the connection between them, the repetition of shots and scenes throughout the video shows how the relationship remains strong until the height of the song where it begins to appear broken.


However, I do think that the story of the music video is a very common theme and issue music videos display, the acting could be better and express the feelings in the video in a deeper sense. From watching the original music video the music video here very similarly mirrors the original video and the themes shown within it, further showing how difficult it is to produce a music video when there already is one. Even though the narrative is common it is then easy to display as everyone knows what is going on and how it will most likely end making it easy to understand but also predictable. Overall it is a very powerful music video and uses a range of multiple effects, camera shots, and mise en scene to provide a clear narrative and story for the viewers and target audience.

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