Feedback on Your Social Media Page

Previously we thought that you would have two rounds of feedback on your social media page:

  1. Self Assessment
  2. Teacher Assessment

…but after discussion, Mrs Cobb and Mr Gregson have decided to reduce that, so that you will only have to respond to one series of feedback, from your teacher only.

However we thought it would be helpful to itemise what elements of the social media page will be considered as part of the assessment criteria:

Below is a list of features, some of which we would expect to see on your social media page. You don’t need every single one of the list below. However, the first is essential and  including some of the others would show an understanding of how social media can be used to drive engagement, promote your star image, their paid for media and build a fan base.

Design coherence (Essential):

Does your social media page include the same (generic)  images, colour scheme, fonts, graphics that appeared in your digipak design and to a lesser extent your music video.


Is there additional (teaser) content such as gifs, images, audio…


Have you created links with other brands or products that would appeal to your audience


Is there a sense of building excitement leading towards the release date of your album

Cross Media Convergence:

Is there a sense that your star is creating converged links with other media or stars (Radio / TV interviews, computer game / film soundtracks, adverts, collaboration  with other musicians…)

Promotion of live events:

An album release would almost certainly combine with a tour or series of streamed (paid for) gigs / shows. Remember this is where many artists make most of their revenue.

A Call to Action:

There should be a clear link to point of sale (iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Tidal, You Tube…) for the music as well as link for audience to buy merchandise or concert tickets.

Ordinary / Extraordinary:

Is there an insight into the ‘real’ life of the star an opportunity to see them as an authentic person.

Interaction / Engagement:

The audience are looking for interaction with the star: Live chats, invitations to comment / engage.

Sell Physical copies:

The artist makes very little money from streamed listens. They would prefer you bought the album or vinyl. Are there promotions of physical versions of the music.

Issues & Charities:

Links to current political issues or charities close to the star’s heart is a useful way of developing a compassionate and engaged star image

This list is not exhaustive, nor is it meant to be a check list of essential items. However it’s a guide to the thinking and some of the expectations your teachers would have when marking this final piece of your cross media promotional package.

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