Last Week of Autumn Term

Music Industry Tasks

Now that you have revisited Digital Technologies and written an essay on it, you can use the remaining lessons this week to revisit the other areas of the Music Industry that you will need to have a handle on for the exam. To do this you should complete your…

Music Industry Case Study Index
  • This is an essential document for your exam preparation
    • You should find your personal copy has been shared with you in Classroom.
      • Classroom task = “CASE STUDIES TEMPLATE/INDEX”

Suggested tasks to help you complete this:

  • Redraft your marketing and ownership essays.
  • Revisit the terms – glossary and Quizlet.
  • Re-read the Sandbox 2019 marketing case studies.
  • These have been summarised for you in our whole class case study slide show
    • Take a copy of the whole  class slideshow and slim it down to 12 case studies which you need to learn.
    • Re-read / Re-Watch Anima – Superb Case Study!
  • Listen to the Voicethread of the marketing 60″ case studies.
  • Review the material on the departmental blog (Exam Paper 1>The Music Industry)

If this is complete with about 12 case studies, you should have all you need to answer a question on the Music Industry. Remember, you can make the case studies work for you – not exactly ‘shoe horn’ them in, but they can all be used to evidence, illustrate a variety of key debates, discussions about audiences and institutions in the music industry.

Critical Reflection Final Submission

This should be copied into the blog as a new blog post.

You should include the following before the essay

  • Your full name
  • The brief in full
  • How do the elements of your production work together to create a sense of ‘branding’?
  • How did your research inform your products and the way they use or challenge conventions?
  • How do your products represent social groups or issues?
  • How do your products engage with the audience?

The essay should include the images (with captions). You should wrap the text around the images

All the section headings and questions in the body of the essay should be removed

You should make the following terms bold:

  • Branding
  • Research
  • Conventions
    • Use
    • Challenge
  • Representation
    • Star Image
  • Audience

Golden Gregsons Submission

You should submit your final coursework products for nomination to one of the categories in the Media & Film Studies Awards

Full guidance is on the blog – here

Golden Gregsons Your Nomination

The Golden Gregsons are coming:

  • Where – The Performing Arts Centre
  • When –  Tuesday 30th March 2021 (6.30 – 10.00 PM)

We want to submit your music promo package into one of the award categories.

To do this you must submit your final product as follows:

  • Create a new folder in your project folder in the D Drive called…

‘The Name of Your Song, The name(s) of group members”.

For example: “Love is Blind: Jim, Bob and David”

Folder Content

  • In this folder you should put:
    • A copy of the whole video (file name = the song title)
    • A 30-40 second clip to be played as the videos are nominated
      • (file name = the song title 30 sec clip)
    • 4 x JPEG copies of the four panes of your digipack.
      • (file names = front, back, right, left, spine (if applicable))
    • 4 x JPEG screen shots/ snips of your social media page
      • (file names = SMP1, SMP2, SMP3 & SMP4)
  • Copy this whole folder into: P:\Awards 2021\Year 13 Media


Use the work space marker at the top of the sequence to select your chosen section. When you go to export, make sure you select ‘Work space’ as opposed to ‘Entire Sequence’

Managing the Workflow in Premiere

Help with Premiere

A really helpful video on how to manage your workflow in Premiere from Lenny Lenfesty, our visiting expert who will be visiting us next Thursday & Friday 17th & 18th September.

He is red hot on managing Premiere and if you haven’t got your workspace managed he will focus on that before he gets round to giving you advice or creative editing tips.

Be sure you’ve watched this and done some basic sorting of your workspace.

Cinema Stories

In partnership with the Psychology and Sociology department we are pleased to announce the first in the series of Cinema Stories.

We will be screening a notable film and will then hold a 30 minute Q&A discussion with a panel of experts on film and on the issues and topics explored in the movie.

The first event is scheduled for 5th October 7.00 – 10.00 and held at Candie Garden Museum.

The Film will be the documentary master piece by Asif Kapadia; AMY.

To book your place at this event, please click here.

Editing in WeVideo

We can continue to complete editing projects if we are on home study by using WeVideo…

To get on WeVideo:

  1. Sign up for a free account using your school Google account.
    • Click on the sign up with Google icon and confirm using your school Gmail.
  2. To upgrade to a full account you will need to follow this link. You will be prompted to link to an existing account and you should select the Google account you just signed up with.
    • This will link you to our school account and put you in the Group ‘Media Studies 2020’
  3. Upload your footage from your camera either by…
    1. Uploading directly from a drive on your computer (or SD Card)
    2. Uploading to Google Drive first and then importing into WeVideo
    3. Your teacher may share footage which you can use, you’ll find it in Shared Media.
  4. Create a new project and within that project create a new edit
  5. Share your media (footage) to your project
  6. Edit in the timeline
  7. Download as a HD into your Google Drive.

Golden Gregson – Your Magazine Nomination

The Golden Gregsons are happening soon:
  • Where – The Performing Arts Centre
  • When – Tuesday 24th March 2020 (6.30 – 10.00)

We want to submit your music magazine into one of the award categories.

To do this you must submit your final product as follows:

  1. Create a new folder in your D Drive called:

‘The Name of Your Magazine , Your Name”.


    • So for example: “Amplify. Johnny Rotten.”
  1. In this folder you should put:
    • 3 x JPEG Files. One for each page of your magazine. These should be named:
      • Front Page
      • Contents Page
      • Double Page Spread
  2. Copy this whole folder into: P:\Awards 2020\Year 12 Media