Editing in WeVideo

We can continue to complete editing projects if we are on home study by using WeVideo…

To get on WeVideo:

  1. Sign up for a free account using your school Google account.
    • Click on the sign up with Google icon and confirm using your school Gmail.
  2. To upgrade to a full account you will need to follow this link. You will be prompted to link to an existing account and you should select the Google account you just signed up with.
    • This will link you to our school account and put you in the Group ‘Media Studies 2020’
  3. Upload your footage from your camera either by…
    1. Uploading directly from a drive on your computer (or SD Card)
    2. Uploading to Google Drive first and then importing into WeVideo
    3. Your teacher may share footage which you can use, you’ll find it in Shared Media.
  4. Create a new project and within that project create a new edit
  5. Share your media (footage) to your project
  6. Edit in the timeline
  7. Download as a HD into your Google Drive.

Golden Gregson – Your Magazine Nomination

The Golden Gregsons are happening soon:
  • Where – The Performing Arts Centre
  • When – Tuesday 24th March 2020 (6.30 – 10.00)

We want to submit your music magazine into one of the award categories.

To do this you must submit your final product as follows:

  1. Create a new folder in your D Drive called:

‘The Name of Your Magazine , Your Name”.


    • So for example: “Amplify. Johnny Rotten.”
  1. In this folder you should put:
    • 3 x JPEG Files. One for each page of your magazine. These should be named:
      • Front Page
      • Contents Page
      • Double Page Spread
  2. Copy this whole folder into: P:\Awards 2020\Year 12 Media

Long Term Camera Loans

Do you need a long term DSLR loan?

A Canon DSLR + tripod is available to borrow if you do either Media or Film Studies.

Loan period will finish at the end of the Summer Term (Friday 10th July 2020).

You will need to pay a £50 deposit, which is returned to you when you return the complete kit.

See Mr Gregson to arrange the loan.

First lessons back after half-term

Unfortunately,  Miss Hales and Mrs Cobb are out of class on the Monday 4th and Mr Gregson will be absent on the Tuesday 5th.

Please use your lessons to do the following:

  • Ensure your blog is complete and up to date.
  • Ensure your Social Media – Ecology essay is completed and submitted in classroom.
    • This essay is due in on Friday 8th
  • You can start to design some mastheads in Indesign using your magazine name (@ 10 different examples – colours, sizes, fonts etc). Look around for inspiration.

Half Term

Get Up To Date!

If you are not green or blue by Friday at 3.30pm then please make sure complete the blog over half term.

Your Media Ecology Essay is due in a week after half term.

When we get back we are getting straight on with organising shoots and making the magazine so you need to be rid of all outstanding posts.

The longer you leave them, the harder they become!


Miss Hales,  Mrs Cobb and Mr Gregson are really thrilled with the way you have embraced the course and tackled the new technology and media theories and ideas. We think this year’s magazines are going to be great.

Well done and enjoy your break.

Setting Up Your Blog

A big part of the Media Studies course is your blog. It’s the place where you record your learning in Media Studies and is worth 20% of your overall A level grade!

  • It is expected that you post to your blog when instructed by your teacher.
  • You should blog about work you’ve done as part of your independent study.
  • You should be spending approx 2 hours each week maintaining and updating your blog.
  • We run a drop in during lunch every Wednesday to help you with your blog.

Starting your blog.

Right click here and ‘Open in new tab’. http://blogs.grammar.sch.gg/

1) Click on ‘Get a Blog’

  • Your username should be your name all lower case, no spaces e.g. ‘edgregson’
  • You must use your school e.mail account, e.g. ’83gregsone01@web.grammar.sch.gg’
  • Get it to ‘Give you a Site’

2) Then you will be asked to give your site a name.

  • Your sites’s name should be formal e.g. Ed Gregson – Media Blog
  • Select ‘Search Engine Blocked’
  • Prove you’re not a robot.

3) You will then have to check your school e.mail

You should get an e.mail which looks like this.
  • You should follow the activation link.

The link should take you to a web page, which looks like this.

4) Login

You should now receive a second e.mail with your username and password, which you should use to log in to your blog, using the link in the email:
  • Login (using the username & password provided).
  • Change your password in the dashboard – users>your profile
  • Update your profile

5) Join the Class Blog

  • Click on the ‘My Class’ button in the top left corner, just below the Edublogs logo.
  • Click search for a class and search ‘mediastudies1921’
  • Send a request to join
    • Once your teacher has confirmed your membership a link to your blog will appear in the margin of the Media Studies, which your teachers and the examiner will use to access your blog.

Choose theme that scrolls down and doesn’t require the reader to open and close posts.

6) Setting up your blog home page and menu items.

Please use this document to format your blog.

Blogging Help

Before asking a teacher for help with any aspect of your blog that you are stuck on please use the Edublogs ‘Help and Support’ page. Its accessible through the Edublogs logo in the top left hand corner of the screen.

Welcome to Media Studies

Welcome to Media Studies and welcome to the departmental blog.

Here is an outline of the course that you’re going to be following over the next two years.

You should be familiar with this document and how your understanding and skills are going to be assessed.

Whilst the course is linear, we are not following the course in a totally linear fashion, from Component 1-4 in order. Rather, we will be doing more coursework during year 1 and then more of the examined components in year two.

We’re really pleased to meet you and are looking forward to seeing what you can achieve.