Test Shoots/Concept testing

I took a walk around Perelle and came across some intriguing and interesting locations/backdrops/settings. You need to do that too this week and weekend to make sure your ideas are ‘doable’ and you need to prove it to your teacher.

Take some tests shots too of tricky concepts that you have i.e. underwater? Sounds great but in reality is very hard to do so make sure you can do it and you understand the complexities of it (remember to risk assess this in advance with your teacher and make sure there is a qualified lifeguard on hand).

Do you want certain special FX – can you use After FX to help you? You must be able to prove it to the teacher before you embark any further on your idea. ┬áThis will all save you a lot of time further down the line if your ideas then don’t come up as practical.

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