Category: Creative Critical Reflection 1

So… How is it going?

What is a transferable skill?

  • Transferable skills are those that you develop as you progress through employment, education or training.

Transferable skills I have learnt…

  • Leadership – I have had to take control of my models and ideas when designing my magazine. Taking charge has been a major aspect.
  • Communication – I have had to talk to new people and engage with their feedback, this also includes positive criticism which will help me in the future.
  • Research – I have had to research about lots of different things which all stem from my one goal of making my music magazine. This has helped as it has opened my mind up to how helpful it is to gather information.

What went well : 

I think my overall project has gone really well so far but here are a few things that have really stood out in my progress…

  • Design – I think my design skills have developed and continue to develop giving me a wider range with my ideas.
  • General camera skills – From never using camera equipment to be able to get clear in depth photos has had a huge impact on my magazine for the good.

Even better if :

Although there is always room for improvement…

  • Double page spread needs something ( specifically the picture ) – Not sure what yet
  • Get more positive criticism and apply it

Design Skills 2

Below are some of the tools I used which really had an impact on my design. Here the most simplistic tools such as a circle help me create more of a magazine image.


Specifically the 3 tools below really created a narrative and helped me display the genre through font. The drop shadow also creates an effect which makes the picture stand out, therefore if the picture is following the demographics of the target audience it will immediately grab attention.

The font plays an important role with displaying the link of the genre with the magazine. For example fonts can look pop and out there or they can look old and retro.

Design Skills 1

Through the production of my magazine I used Indesign and photoshop. This was useful in making my picture look the best it can and then designing my magazine in my own creative way.

New skills I learnt –

  • Give the text an inner or outer glow
  • Remove spots or imperfections
  • sharpen areas in my picture

Here are two tools I used most. First is the spot healing tool and second is the sharpen tool. I think they are helpful to create a flawless, and youthful image.

Other tools used –

– This is a very popular tool used where I set out where photos and text should go before I place it, it helps me get an idea of my layout. This is useful when developing ideas for my magazine as I know where I want things to start.

– This tool is common to use on indesign and is used to give writing a unique view. It contains many factors which are useful when being creative and having fun with words ect. This also helps convey the genre through text as you can have your own feel on it which can suit a specific genre. It also helps grab the attention of the audience as it can be made fun and have a pop to it.

So… I am ready to photograph my star.

Mission statement –

‘Swing’ is a magazine that longs to inspire it’s audience by displaying inspirational artists. We aim to interest a wide ranging audience by including different aspects that may interest all. Our magazine is mainly based on the genre R&B/Soul, with this genre we feel we can have a wider audience enjoy our magazine as well as focusing on confident admirable stars such as Beyonce. We include various subtopics within our magazine for just take a look!

Brand value –

‘Swing’ aim to give you our best, and cater to all your wants and needs, with a welcoming friendly tone.

Importance of mise-en-scene:

  • costume
  • lighting
  • acting and proxemics
  • make-up and hair
  • props
  • setting

In my shoot I will also keep in mind about how I direct my  star, place the frame and costume as every detail will make a difference. From my research I have been able to understand my target audience which will have an impact on my star audience

What I have learnt about a camera:

  • shutter speed
  • aperture
  • framing
  • distance
  • shot type
  • angle

Using the things I know above I will be able to communicate a message to my audience through Mise-En-Scene. By using my camera knowledge I will be able to display clear and direct ideas which attract my target audience.

So… I’m ready to make some media!

I have had lessons with experts on; indesign, photoshop, and the camera in general. This has helped me tremendously in developing my skills and adding to them. It has also widen my ideas and added to them.

There are 4 uses and gratification and they come from Blumler & Katz;

  • Entertainment,
  • Social Interaction,
  • Personal Identity,
  • Information.

Above are factors that I will need to choose from when creating my magazine, also they help me decide on the necessary information.

When creating my product I will consider a number of factors in order to be successful. Especially;

  • camera,
  • MES,
  • layout,
  • typography,
  • AIDA.

Understanding my target audience is important, as this impacts my magazine, since I need to keep in mind – colours, fonts, and genre as it is what is appealing to them.

Making the name stand out is a key factor.

Also, I need to watch the spacing on the page and amount of writing because it can attract audience more depending on colour and how much writing, as well as ensuring I only put the vital information needed to the audience.

So… How can an image communicate meaning?

There are so many factors that provide to the image, leaving a narrative to the audience. Firstly you need to consider the MES which includes the following:

  • Costume
  • Lighting
  • Acting
  • Makeup
  • Props
  • Setting

Also the importance of camera framing is vital due to the message you want to portray to the audience, it represents denotations and connotations.The different distances used to take photos;

  • XLS– extra long shot
  • LS– long shot
  • MLS– medium long shot
  • MS– medium shot
  • MCU– medium close up
  • CU– close up
  • BCU– big close up
  • XCU– extra close up

This will help with the deign of my product, as I will keep in mind everything to create a successful product.