Developing Your Portfolio

This term offers you the opportunity to follow your own film making passions and develop your Film Reel and Portfolio Pages ready for submission at the end of this term.

After having submitted the first draft of the reel and pages you may well find gaps and want to use lessons this term to fill those gaps with your own self initiated projects.

The Learning Process

Just to remind you of the process we have been using and which is central to The IB Leaner Profile. Each project / task should be made up of three stages:

  1. Inquiry
  2. Action
  3. Reflection

So, this means you can’t just grab an idea out of the air, you should…

  1. Research and explore a particular technique, film element, film maker, film movement…(this should be recorded and referenced as you go)
  2. Practical tasks in film making (writing, directing, sound, editing & cinematography) which comes from your research.
    1. The practical task should have a clearly defined creative intention that is linked to your research in stage 1.
  3. Reflection on the degree to which you fulfilled your creative intention and developed your film making techniques
Some Ideas for Your Personal Projects:
Sound / Music
  • Explore the work Gary Rydstrom¬† or other sound designers
  • Create Soundscapes / Music for genre of your choice
  • Create a conversation with no words – WallE
  • Conduct an interview and record sounds with Lavaliere Mics
  • Explore and attempt to imitate the cinematography of Roger Deakins, Akira¬†Kurosawa or Wes Anderson
  • Use different lens types to explore impact on cinematography
  • Create a chiaroscuro lighting set and explore effect on representation
  • Explore the screenwriting of The Cohen Brothers and introduce a central protagonist / antagonist for a new screenplay.
  • Write a screenplay for a short film/sequence from a given genre.
  • Write and record a monologue or duologue from a set of given circumstances.
In School Commissions…

There are a few opportunities to work within the school and across departments to develop your portfolio:

  • Magical Days in the Park
  • Films for CAS / PEP Service
  • DofE promotional Video
  • Drama students for performance pieces
  • Sixth Form Centre promotional video
  • Sciences for documentaries / recording experiments
  • The Future Generations Conference (editing)