The coursework is over. ‘The Blog is dead. Long live the Blog!‘ (this, by the way, is an intertextual reference with a hint of parody, so could be classed as an example of postmodern literacy BUT OF COURSE you have to be culturally competent to get it!!)

But what the heck is Postmodernism?

Baudrillard was a cool French guy

Who constantly makes media students cry

Hyperreality is now a real thing

You can get paid even if you can’t sing

So set your sights high

For a media ride you should try

Postmodernism is the thing……postmodernism is King!

Does any of this make sense? The above is a Limerick penned by an A2 student, that in 5 short weeks will make complete and utter sense.

By Easter, you will be ready and armed with textual references and theorists galore so that you can answer Section 2 of the A2 paper. The essay is worth 50 marks and should take about an hour to write in the exam. So it is an extremely important part of your A2 course. Heads down…..brains engage.

Off we goooo….

A postmodern joke – get it? No…?


This is a slide show which tries to explain a definition of Postmodernism:

Still stuck? Here is a more complete explanation


How would you define Postmodernism in 20 words? If you can do it, you are a super scholar!  Even university professors seem to struggle to agree, but it would be good to have a go. Read the following to see if it helps.

What ideas / concepts / word seem to be coming up in these sites / blogs. Try to use some of them in your definition.

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