June 17

Pitch + Feedback


Here is the pitch for our music video. We want it to be performance and illustrative and have planned out what we want to achieve and the message that we want to portray. We presented our pitch to our teacher and received some feedback on our ideas. Here is her feedback:

Feedback from Pitch:


  • Clear Narrative and easy to understand
  • Narrative works well with the song choice
  • The song is not too long to edit to
  • Easy to Lip Sync to
  • The plot is clear and has a conclusion
  • Good ideas about escapism and freedom


  • Ensure that the make up and hair is perfect
  • Research the contemporary dance genre further
  • Include the story line of the star in reverse to everyone else to demonstrate this idea that the star must represent themselves in a certain way
  • Think more about Mise En Scene, as this will make or break the video
  • Think about different camera techniques we can use to help demonstrate our story line
  • Consider the Mise En Scene and star image more and decide more details

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