Example Portfolio Reel and Pages

Here is an example of a completed portfolio reel and set of pages from last year.

It is essential that your submission is formatted in the same ways:

Portfolio Pages

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Portfolio Reel

Film Portfolio
  1. A film reel (9 minutes maximum: 3 minutes maximum per film production role, including one completed film).
  2. Portfolio Pages (9 pages maximum: 3 pages maximum per film production role)
    • The portfolio pages should contain a table of contents and a list of the clips submitted to evidence each specific film production role (providing the timecode and a brief description for each clip on the film reel). These are excluded from the overall page count, as is the list of all sources used.
  3. A list of all sources used, must submitted as the final (separate) page.

Formatting Rules

Document format

All written reports, essays or portfolio pages should be written on an A4 document and be typed in a legible sans serif 12-point font.

Video format

Video files must not exceed 500mb in size and must be submitted as an MP4.

File Names

Submit your work using the following file names:
‘Your Name (Unit Title)’

For example…

      1. Edward Gregson (Portfolio Reel)
      2. Edward Gregson (Portfolio Pages)

Although, neither your name, nor the names of your peers should appear anywhere in the pages themselves. Your name in the file gets anonymised before being sent to an examiner to assess.

Video submissions must be preceded by a BLACK SLATE.

The Film Portfolio

The film reel, which is submitted as one single video file, must contain three chapters (one for each discrete film production role) and be structured as follows:

Reel Structure

Before each  section of your portfolio reel you must create a 10 second black slate, excluded from the 3 minutes for each section:

Portfolio Section Black Slate
The BIG problem with sound!

‘However, where submitted work contains unattributed audio-visual materials or materials that have not been created by students in the school, the work will be awarded a mark of zero within the criteria.’

“As such, it is imperative that students clearly identify in their written work how they obtained their materials for each specific film production role. Regardless of which role they are submitting the work in.”

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