Your Micro Analysis

Your initial proposal Please complete this Google form prior to our meeting, Group Meeting Miss Hales and Mr Gregson will be meeting with groups of students studying each film to discuss genre, narrative and representation. Your work is assessed in three areas: Cultural / historical / institutional context surrounding the film (8 marks) Your analysis… Read more Your Micro Analysis

Micro Analysis Refresher

So, let’s get back down to the micro… This is a process that you should be familiar with: Identify specific examples of production techniques: Cinematography Editing Sound Mise-en-scene These examples must be named with a technical term Analyse the impact that technique, in combination with others, on the audience? How do ‘we’ read the text? Previous blog posts… Read more Micro Analysis Refresher

Film Recap

How we study a film: Example: Slumdog Millionaire (2008) Doyle: The context and macro analysis have been done for you below… your teacher will talk you through it: Your Micro Analysis. Remember TEAS: Identify the term used to describe the micro technique. Name a specific example from the sequence. Analyse the meaning / impact for the… Read more Film Recap