Textual Analysis of The Joker

The Joker represents, ‘…the spirit of terrorism. The embodiment of anarchy and chaos of a particularly destructive and nihilistic nature’ Douglas Kellner – Cinema Wars Analyse Christopher Nolan’s use of cinematography & mise-en-scene in one of the six sequences below in order to answer the following question… How does Christopher Nolan use mise-en-scene and cinematography… Read more Textual Analysis of The Joker


Terms to Learn Production Design, Connote, Suggest, Implies… Film is a visual art and a key bit of advice to all screenwriters and directors is… ‘Show, don’t tell!’ MISE-EN-SCENE Mise-en-scene refers to anything that the director chooses to put in the frame and is a key way in which they can ‘show’ the story. Every… Read more Mise-en-Scene