Dark Knight – Dark Ideas

TASK Read, discuss, understand this key note article on Batman by Pete Turner. Some terminology to define before we read: Ideology Socio-Political Context Vigilante Dominant Hegemony Authoritarianism Dichotomy Read the article aloud around the class. Stop/start discussion on the article and specific sections of it: Vigilantism, justice and vengeance By any means necessary – the… Read more Dark Knight – Dark Ideas

Batman Evolves

‘The world about us has changed and is continually changing at an ever-accelerating pace. So have we. With the increase in media coverage and information technology, we see more of the world, comprehend its workings a little more clearly, and as a result our perception of ourselves and the society surrounding us has been modified.… Read more Batman Evolves

Archetypes in Film (Heroes and Villains)

Archetypes in literature are fundamental or prototypical characters that are used in stories. They have recurred in literature and art since the earliest writing. “They personify universal patterns of human behaviour.” Film uses and reuses archetypes in various forms and with varying degrees of nuance, between realism and hyperbole. In this exploration of Batman the… Read more Archetypes in Film (Heroes and Villains)