Example Film Portfolios

Getting the Marks

Here is the assessment criteria for your pages & reel.

Example Reels

Example 1 (Level 3)

Marking Comments:

Cinematography: A good range of basic shot types and movement. Should have labelled the shots for clarity of task. Use of focus pull was a nice example, but would have liked a few more advanced techniques + label. The two scenes with the same dialogue but different blocking and framing are well executed and help deliver meaning. The colour based cinematography is nice, but again needs labeling.

Sound: The opening theme to a sci fi movie is nicely composed with at least four layers of sound. I think it needed something a bit punchier to emphasis the sense of scale and excitement. The soundscape is a nice mix of different sound which don’t all scream sci fi, but are still effective in creating a sense of place and atmosphere.

Editing: Some good work in the edit to create a sense of action. A man pursued and trapped. The montage comes at a slightly funny point. Why cut from the distress of the victim to a montage and then back to the chase? Loses the tension there. The colour correction and effects are great. The pace changes effectively. Also the use of scaling to cut into the villain is good – shame they didn’t have the footage – but well edited to compensate.

Example 2 (Level 2)

Marking Comments:

Editor: Not sure what the day in school brings to the role. No sense that editing brings any extra meaning to the series of random shots. The continuity edit uses shot reverse shot well and there is a good match on action on the door handle, although not matched inside the room. Eyeline match to phone is missed. The montage task is nice in creating a sense of place and I like the cutting on the eyes and painting – although a clear error on the last cut.

Sound: The sound sync isn’t and the recording quality is very poor! The spooky house Foley sound is good in terms of the footsteps and increase in volume. I think the banging comes in too soon and doesn’t match the camera’s reactions / look at the right moment. The music is nicely composed and does well to change the tone of the morning sequence.

Directing: A great emotional tone to the sequence and great sense of space. The blocking at times is really excellent and allows a great reveal to the end of the cross cutting between girl and killer in final third. The design and look of the sequence is great. 

Example 3 (Level 4)

Cinematography: The range of shot types is really good and well labelled to illustrate the leaning. The continuity edit is effective, although missed a couple of opportunities for eyeline and match on action, although the shot reverse shot is effective. The montage uses a range of framing techniques certainly evokes a sense of boredom, I think it could have been used more effectively to create a degree of frustration / panic.

Sound: The sound sync doesn’t, although the recording is quite clean. The Foley has the basic footsteps, but no outside ambient. The door opening is great as is the torch. However nothing coming from the cellar to motivate move towards. The contrapuntal music on making tea is really good a la John Barry Ipcress File.

Editing: There is a great sense of place and crisis in the opening sequence – although clearly a continuity jump in terms of the action – how come she’s suddenly running – needed a reaction to the killer. The colour correction is excellent and gives a lovely bleak feel to the scene. Good use of cross cutting and lovely dramatic irony in the reveal of the killer – he’s behind you!

Example Pages

Level 4 (Sound)

A good understanding of the impact sound has on a film and the importance of foley particularly. I would have liked a bit more technical detail in terms of shotgun mics, recording and editing in multitrak.

Level 3 (Directing)

The pages are clear and relevant with organised research which is clear and concise, more on the vision would make this more compelling. There is a relevant and thoughtful sense of action which is very practical and links well to the research undertaken, the reflection on the success in meeting the creative intention is also thoughtful.

Level 2 (Editing)

The pages highlight an acceptable level of research and are sufficient in showing the process of editing, more detail of the tools and techniques used would have supported making these pages more organised and coherent. The reflection again is competent and links to the intention of the reel, addressing some key elements of what the student could have developed further.