Your Film Portfolio

Welcome to the last few weeks of Film IB. It’s been quite a journey and Miss Hales and I have enjoyed working with you all for the last 18 months. However we have a bit of a covid lockdown hangover as we were unable, during the last academic year, to complete your Film Portfolio. A… Read more Your Film Portfolio

Advanced Cinematography

The creative intention for the week ‘To develop my cinematography skills and practice advanced techniques which can be used for expressive meaning in film.’ Composition in Storytelling Session 1 – Filming with Canon DSLR cameras Menu & Settings Setting the White Balance Grid display rule of thirds / composition Auto and Manual Focus Recording Mode… Read more Advanced Cinematography

Montage Filming and Editing

Inquiry. What’s a montage and what meaning does it communicate? Examples This is the opening sequence of Memento (2000) Nolan which creates a sense of the event and climaxes in a sudden narrative disruption. Yarchen Gar (2018) Filippo Chiesa, is a short film, which is an extended montage of place. Here’s Rocky (1976) Avildsen, which compresses… Read more Montage Filming and Editing

Example Horror Pages

Please spend some time reviewing these pages from last years’ horror films. Consider the following: Inquiry How clear is the creative intention? How well do they describe their role in the production? How clearly do they describe the horror genre? Action Do they describe specific decision they made in their role? Do they link those… Read more Example Horror Pages

Photos from the Horror Shoot

Here is a link to photos from the horror shoot on 11th May. Please feel free to use some of these in your pages to illustrate your idea, production design, cinematography and /or lighting If you have any other please share them with Mr G and he will add them to the folder.

Inquiry / Action Resources

Here are some materials that you might find helpful when you discuss the specific decisions you made in production or post production in order to have an impact on the audience. These video essays should be discussed and referenced on the inquiry page. Director Sound Designer Cinematographer Editor

Project Folder Management

You must use proper file and folder management during any project. Please follow the instructions below for setting up your project folder on the Media / Film computers.

Horror Planning

Storyboard – Use this document to visualise each shot. How are you going to frame each shot and how do you see your edit developing (match on action, eye line match, shot reverse shot, 180 degree rule, reaction shots, close ups on key objects…) Here is a document which explains the function and design of… Read more Horror Planning