Film Theory

Task: Research one of the following film theories: Audience Reception Theory Feminist Film Theory Formalism Theory Genre Theory Marxist Film Theory Masculinity Theory Realism Film Theory Star Theory Postmodern Film Find a short definition, in simple terms, that sums up the theoretical approach. Name at least one important theorist. List the key terms used in… Read more Film Theory

Film Genre

A possible approach to the Comparative Video Essay is Genre. Here is a reminder of how we use genre to study films: Intro to Genre in Film: Remember, genre is a comparative essay studying two films in the same genre. Often these films, as per the rules of the comparative essay, are separated by time… Read more Film Genre

Film Movements

Watch this: From this video you will be given one film movement which we would like to learn more about for the benefit of the whole class. TIP: Most of the answers to your research are in the video. Find a second secondary research source that introduces and explains the film movement you have been… Read more Film Movements