Your Film Portfolio Pages



You consider how film makers use specific techniques in order to construct meaning and communicate emotional impact to an audience.

You develop filmmaker intentions, which you would like to achieve in your production work.


You undertake practical production activities in the chosen film production roles, using the same techniques(s) you have seen used by professional film makers.


You reflect on your finished product and the extent to which you fulfilled your filmmaker intentions within that production role and through the use of the techniques you were experimenting with.

The Portfolio Page (Minor Tasks)

For each minor task we complete in class you must complete one page for your film maker’s portfolio.

These pages will be submitted along with a reel of your best work as coursework. You should have completed most of your portfolio by the end of year 12 and the pages will act as a record of your inquiry, actions and reflection.

Here is a portfolio page template

Link to page for you to copy and edit.

The Portfolio Page (Complete Film)

For the complete film you are expected to write up to three pages of Inquiry, Action and Reflection on the process and finished product.

Here is a template we recommend you use

Link to the page template for you to copy and edit.

Sources Page

The tenth page of your portfolio should be a list of all the sources you used this should include all of the following:

  • Films and short films you referenced
  • Video essays you used to explore film making techniques
  • Websites, blogs, social media pages on film making
  • Magazine articles, books, journals we read in preparation for the task

If it’s mentioned in your pages it must be referenced on the final page

Please use Harvard Referencing.

Any non original material used in any of the film making tasks. You must see your teacher for guidance on any materials which you would like to use in any film making role.


This a link to the assessment criteria for your Film Portfolio

Academic Honesty & Referencing

All sources: films, YouTube videos, articles, books you use in your inquiry must be referenced in a bibliography at the end of your pages.

Five Film Production Roles & Definitions

Responsible for the camera and for achieving the artistic and technical decisions related to the framed image.


Responsible for the artistic and logistic aspects of the production, visualizing the script and guiding the other individuals involved in the film in order to fulfil their artistic vision.


Responsible for assembling the raw footage, selecting shots and constructing the film in order to meet the artistic vision for the film.


Responsible for capturing, creating, sourcing and assembling the audio elements of the film.


Responsible for writing the screenplay, for updating the script during production and for supporting others in realizing the artistic intentions for the film.