Detailed Music Video analysis

In this task we analysed two videos in depth in order to learn how to deconstruct the narrative, performance, star image and generic & technical conventions of a music video to help us with our music video when creating it. I learnt that inter textual references can be made in a narrative music video to highlight multiple key messages as well as the importance of the star image and camera movement.

We had another opportunity to look at another video and discontruct it again which enables us to see the difference in videos.

By doing these tasks I have learnt that when creating my music video I need to make it clear throughout my video if the song will be narrative, illustrative, amplified, or whether I want to use disjuncture. I will also take into consideration camera angles and features as this can have a massive impact on the video which I have learnt from watching these videos and having a go at creating a montage. I also need to make sure I put a lot of thought into Mise-en-Scene as this can really make a difference throughout the video.

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