June 30

Production Meeting for Shoot 1 (Performance)


Here is the Production Meeting Agenda for my group. In this shoot, we have two sections planned, the part where she is free and outside and the part where she is trapped in the studio. We discussed the additional parallel story line for our performance to go side by side with the narrative story line. This would be in reverse to the other plot. Whilst the other people are becoming free and removing the makeup and false part to their identity, the star’s make up is being more and more built up. This is to demonstrate the expectations for her as a star, and how celebrity figures are expected to present themselves in a certain way. We wanted everything to change from the start of the video to the end for the star including the location, props, lighting, costume and make up. This would help us to ensure the story line is clear of how she is going from her normal self to the built up star. We also want to build the idea of the person posing for photographs, so we want to collect these short clips of the star posing as this Instagram character demonstrating how she has to present herself to be photographed.

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