July 1

Shoot 1 Reflection (Performance)

We completed the first part of our performance shoot, and it went very well. This shoot was for the end section of the video where the star begin to be built up. We had a variety of shots as the make up began top build up more, this exaggerated the idea that the star must present herself in a specific way to be accepted and valued by the audience watching her video. We managed to obtain the shots that we required for our music video. We achieved a variety of shots including: close ups, extreme close ups, mid shots and aerial shots. Overall the shoot was successful and I think that our Mise En Scene and camera techniques were all effective and worked well.

What went well?

  • The Mise En Scene worked really well with our narrative
  • The make up in particular worked really well with the lighting
  • We got a variety of shots using different techniques
  • Our model knew the words and could sing it well
  • We used the lighting well so our shots were very well lit
  • We focused the camera well so all of our shots were in focus
  • We conveyed the star image and our narrative well in this section

The targets we set ourselves for our next shoot is:

  • to achieve a variety of different shots to use and using different techniques to achieve exciting and interesting shots.
  • to use Mise En Scene effectively to convey the narrative
  • Edit to the beat in our editing
  • Use different paces of edit to keep it interesting
  • Ensure the camera is in focus so the shots are clear

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