Foley. Diegetic Sound


An Illustration of Foley

Foley Explained

Using Film Maker IQ video above explain purpose and process of Foley sound in 3-5 bullet points in the inquiry section of your portfolio page.

Action – Task

Creative Intention: To record Foley sound for a short sequence in order to create a soundscape that adds a sinister and scary atmosphere.

  1. Create a new Adobe Audition Project in the D Drive of your computer in a project folder called ‘Your Name – Foley Sound’
  2. Download this clip of film into that Project Folder.
  3. Complete a ‘Spotting Session’, where you identify the sounds that should be in the clip, list 4-6 sounds you will record in the next session.
    • This should also include ambient sound, which will act as the base layer of sound throughout the clip.
  4. Create 5+ Foley sound using various objects that you bring in from home to create an atmosphere for the clip.
  5. In Audition import the sounds and sync them to the sequence.
  6. Export your Foley sound sequence, upload to your D Drive & The Drive
  7. Hand in to classroom

Using Audition

Additional Tracks

Here are some extra sound effects and loops.

You may use these as a last resort, to get effects which would be too difficult to get yourself, but you must mention this in your Portfolio Page and also make a reference on page 2.

Action Section in your Portfolio Page

Take a screenshot of your sound mix in Audition and explain:

  • The different tracks – labels
  • The difference between single and multitrack editing
  • Your use of key frames and transitions
  • Any effects you may have applied to layers of sound.


  • Grab a screenshot of a key moment from your ‘Spooky House Video’. Describe:
    • The process you used to record the sound.
    • The quality of the sounds you recorded
      • What are ‘Peaking’ and ‘Clipping’?
      • What is audio gain
    • How did you develop a sense of atmosphere (outside to inside)
    • What scare / surprise did you use in the video?
    • Reflect on how Foley sound can be used to add meaning / impact to the diegesis of a film.
Notes from the Board

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