Editing 101

Editing, the connectives in Film Language

Think of cut as connectives in a sentence

…so, and, then, but, however, meanwhile…

How then does does editing create meaning if it’s just simply links in the film?

Well first of all, the edit constructs the meaning in the minds of the audience.

Task 1

Recap by defining and exemplify the Kuleshov effect…

Editing – Time, Space and Attention

So…OK…it’s the connectives of film, such as: ‘so’, ‘and’, ‘then’, ‘however’, ‘meanwhile’… which the audience link to make connective sense of two images.

  • It’s also think about how editing shifts the film in time…such as, ‘Later that day’, ‘Earlier’, ‘The following morning’, ‘8 years later…’, ‘Flashback…to recap important narrative information’…
  • It can also be used to draw audience attention to specific elements of mise-en-scene which are important. This is usually in the shape of characters view of what they see, although not always (often the audience know more than the characters) and this gives rise to dramatic irony.


Textual Analysis of Editing

Identify the editing techniques used in this sequence.

Analyse how these editing techniques create meaning and sense for the audience.

You should use this hand-out to complete your TEA and then upload to your reflective journal under editing, along with a link to the clip.

Complete a group essay on the editing in the sequence. In groups of four take a section each and complete one paragraph on the distinct area of editing you have been assigned. Use this template.


The subtly of shot reverse shot in Coen Brothers’ Movies

The graphic match:

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